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A Whole New Altitude

Mercury Aviation Services (MAS) provides Operators and FBOs with a quick and easy payment solution for fuel and services worldwide. Using our virtual Mastercard or our mobile app, we can have you back in the air in no time.

Customized Solutions

Given your aviation requirements, we’ll exceed your expectations.

Objective and Independent

Unbranded, Untethered, free to put the needs of our customers first.

Global Knowhow

Decades of experience applied to serving our customers anywhere, anytime.

Optimal Value

Providing the greatest value with 24/7 customer service, competitive pricing, reliability, and accuracy.

Benefits For The FBOs

Decreased interchange fee.

Faster payment terms compared to our competitors that use a closed network.

The Virtual Mastercard Network provides secure transaction processing and PCI Compliance.

Benefits For Our Customers

Decreased Fuel Costs.

Better customer experience because their pilots can use our mobile application.

Robust data allows Mercury Aviation Services to turn data into actionable information.

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